Quality and Services

We strive for continuous improvement in quality and compliance of processes and products from development to distribution, with a focus on patient safety, data integrity and fulfillment of customer expectations. All our products are manufactured in W.H.O. / GMP standard manufacturing plants and all facilities meet CGMP standards.

As a healthcare company, Austrak supplies products and services that offer real health benefits; their effectiveness is tested in intensive clinical trials. Our products and services can prevent, cure or alleviate illness as well as help to save lives. We care about the health of every individual. This is what drives us to create innovative solutions in the areas where there are still unmet medical needs. This is our contribution to sustainable healthcare.

Our products and services make it possible for patients to receive prompt and effective treatment tailored to their individual requirements. By helping patients to avoid or shorten costly hospital stays, they help to reduce the overall cost of healthcare for individuals and society.

Pharmaceutical Eye Drops

As a leading global healthcare company, Austrak pursues a forward-looking strategy based on early identification of disease predispositions, prevention & targeted treatment. We could do this because we are one of the world's leading pharmaceutical company.

Having defined a branded product portfolio, we are proud to have a young and energetic field force with complementary skills and people who can extend the reach of our brands.